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FAQs, frequently asked questions

The part delivered does not exactly match the image in the online shop.

Most product images match the product delivered. Naturally, it can happen that, for example, an aluminum-colored license plate holder in the picture is only available black-anodized! However, we try to avoid this if possible. If there are deviations for products, or if there are any questions regarding the design, please contact us or your retailer, or send us an email in advance. (Email)

I can’t find any parts for my bike.

In our Shop, which is updated daily, new parts are always found under “Bike Search” or via the motorcycle brand/type, such as Yamaha- +R1, et cetera). If you don’t find any products there for your perhaps brand new bike, it may still be possible that parts are already being prepared by the manufacturer. In this case, please contact your trusted retailer or contact Parts World directly. If you have a valid item number from the parts manufacturer, you can always enter it in the universal search field “Product Search.”

No product is found, although I entered what is supposedly a correct item number in the search window “Product Search.”

Items numbers are continually changing; it can be that the product number is either old or has been replaced by a new one, or that it was entered incorrectly. It is possible that a certain product – a brand represented by us – is not listed in the Shop. For each manufacturer, we handle the entire product range, but we don’t show everything down to the last spare part or individual part in the Shop. Please send us an email so we can determine the reasons in the specific case. Thanks.

How can I become a Parts World dealer?

Please send us: an up-to-date, notarized copy of your excerpt from the commercial registry, 2-3 images of your shop, Internet details (email address and URL of your Internet site), complete address information with contact, phone, and fax number.

-NOTE: We serve Switzerland exclusively in the motorcycle sector! Companies in other sectors that purport to be in the motorcycle business can not be accepted as Parts World sales partners!

I can not find a Parts World dealer near me.

We are pleased that we are continually finding new and motivated sales partners. Nevertheless, it can be that no Parts World dealer can be found in your area. In this case, please simply contact us by email, so we can give you the name of an appropriate specialist for your individual wishes.

How can I - as enduser - order parts in the Parts World onlineshop?

Principally there are two options:

Option 1:

You will open a new account in the onlineshop and follow each step of the order procedure. In phase 3 you choose a specialist dealer from your area.Delivery will be made to the chosen specialist dealer’s address by invoice. Additionnally you choose the delivery mode, either by A-post (regularly within 24 hours), or by express (= guaranteed delivery within 24 hours). Partial or complete delivery is optional and can be selected by you. Partial delivery = parts at stock will be immediately dispatched, the back order will be sent as soon as possible to the specialist dealer without any additional freight costs.Your benefit with ordering via this option is that you receive full support, advice & service at your specialist dealer for the parts ordered at Parts World Shop. When collecting the goods at your dealer’s you will settle the invoice directlyby means of usual payment methods, i.e. cash, by Maestro, by Postcard, etc. When dispatching the goods you and your selected specialist dealer will receive our delivery note by pdf-data via e-mail.

Option 2:

You will open a new account in the onlineshop and have the goods sent directly to your home address either by A-post or by express. Only complete orders will be dispatched. The total amount including transport will be automatically settled in advance by Mastercard or Visa according to strict security standards with 3-D Secure and latest SSL coding.Advice, support, etc. can directly be obtained at Parts World. In some individual cases it may happen that an assessment/expertise at the our domicile is necessary. Please fix a date in advance either by phone or e-mail.This option is exclusively suitable for bikers having very good technical knowledge, an own bike workshop and the required tools!!!

For parts which have to be proved by Swiss authorities such as wheels, brakes, handlebars, risers, forks, foot pegs assemblies, lowering kits, etc. we highly recommend you to choose order option 1!!!

The offered parts are high-quality and technical-sophisticated components. In order to guarantee top level quality of our parts in regards handling/mounting/service we are dependent on the specialist dealer’s competence.

How can I pay securely by credit card?

Verified By Visa (3D-Secure) and SecureCode (SPA-UCAF)

Thanks to Verified By Visa (3D-Secure) and SecureCode (SPA-UCAF), purchasers will be able to identify themselves on electronic commerce sites, so removing the possibility of fraud and giving merchants the assurance that the transaction will not be repudiated. Verified by Visa and SecureCode are not a replacement for SSL payments but rather provide an element which hitherto has been lacking: purchaser identification. These protocols establish standards of communication enabling an Internet user to identify him/herself in real time immediately after entering the number of his/her bank card on a payment page. Two conditions have to be fulfilled for the system to function:

The e-commerce site must be equipped with a specific module certified by Visa or MasterCard. This module is included in PostFinance e-Commerce when the Fraud Detection option is activated and the enrollment process with the acquirer is completed. The purchaser must have received an identification system certified by Visa or MasterCard from his bank. When these two conditions are met, using the credit card without a secret code is no longer possible. To encourage the take-up of this system, Visa and MasterCard are giving merchants integrating the module a higher security level against fraud even when purchasers have not received the necessary equipment from their bank enabling them to identify themselves. The bank and/or the acquirer to which the merchant is affiliated, are responsible for the communication and handling of the conditions for Visa and MasterCard towards the merchant.

To detect the origin of the credit card, the "fraud prevention" option also includes an automatic detection of the country where the credit card has been issued, and the country of the IP address used by the client. This information is available online with the transaction status/parameters sent back during payment process or in the administration module on the transaction details page.

Why are there price differences between the Swiss, euro, and dollar sales prices?

There can be many reasons that a product seems to be more expensive in Switzerland than on the Internet from some mailbox company or an online hobby shop (delivery 3-4 days..., often that means 3-4 months..!!). Other reasons and explanations for our products and services are listed below:

-Additional testing costs to satisfy Swiss legal requirements (rigorous product tests via DTC)

-Outstanding product and customer support. Support by us even after the sale!

-Dynamic, fair margin policy vis-à-vis our sales partners

-Over 90% ability to deliver within 24 hours for most products (we still maintain a real warehouse!)

- Often prices on the Internet are shown without US sales tax or value added tax. Furthermore, transport, customs, and value added tax result in additional costs, which are not initially apparent for most online shoppers!

-Under some conditions (see general terms and conditions of doing business) there is also a right of return.

We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on all the differences. We always welcome feedback!

Is there a complete catalog for Parts World parts?

No, but for a fee of 10 Swiss francs, you can order all the brand catalogs we represent under the heading Catalogs.

Can all the conversion parts be combined with one another?

No, in cases in which dynamic drive tests were conducted, there can be limitations (wide tire kit + front wheel fork, et cetera).

-For precise information on the combination of Parts World parts and external products, it is best to contact your dealer, or

Why isn’t TÜV accepted in Switzerland?

For questions regarding legal or technical matters in Switzerland, it is best to contact the following institutions:,,