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Product no. EMuc492-039-20411
Muc-Off 2in1 Wash Mitt
Microfiber washing glove
We all know the dangers of using the wrong tools for cleaning our vehicles. Unsightly scratches in the paintwork, deterioration of the surface over time. To get around this very problem, Muc-Off has developed the 2 in 1 microfiber wash mitt. It's pink, extra plush and fluffy and makes normal sponges a thing of the past - no more dirt damaging your paintwork. A quick way to give your vehicle the ultimate finish without leaving scratch marks. Bugs and dirt are easily removed.
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all paint surfaces

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Washing glove with two sides

Question from 29.04.2020

Does it work on COVID-19?

The Parts World Crew answered:

Manufacturer's Note: To our knowledge no sanitiser brands, whether alcohol based or QUAT based will have undergone efficacy testing specifically against Covid-19. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact this is a newly developed virus, however it’s widely accepted that corona viruses, such as Covid-19 can be killed by correctly formulated QUAT based sanitisers such as Muc-Off Antibacterial equipment cleaner. Whilst our formula has not been tested against Covid-19, what we can say is that the Muc-Off Anti-Bacterial Equipment Cleaner contains approximately 50 times more QUAT than has been found necessary to kill enveloped viruses.

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