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General Terms and Conditions of the Online Shop of Parts World AG applicable for Retail Customers:
These General Terms and Conditions govern deliveries and fulfillment of orders for products/items placed by a Retail Customer (referred to below as "Retail Customer") in the Online Shop of Parts World AG (referred to below as "Parts World") and are deemed to have been accepted when a Retail Customer places an order via the Online Shop.Any deviating terms and conditions of the Retail Customer shall be subject to the written consent or explicit approval of Parts World.
The sale and delivery of products available via the Online Shop are effected exclusively via a selected dealer network.
The presentation of products and items featured by Parts World in its Online Shop is without obligation and represents an invitation to make an offer. An order placed by a Retail Customer is deemed to constitute an offer to a selected dealer, said dealer to be selected in the order process. Consequently, the (sales) contract comes about with the delivery of the products or handover of the merchandise by the dealer to the Retail Customer.
As such, these General Terms and Conditions exclusively govern the basic conditions of orders and delivery procedures, however they do not cause a contractual relationship to become established between Parts World and the Retail Customer. The direct contractual relationship pertaining to the products/items ordered comes about exclusively between the Dealer and the Retail Customer.
All prices are quoted in Swiss francs and include VAT. Shipping and handling costs are not included in the prices indicated and are charged separately. Prices are subject to change at any time, particularly as the result of changes in transportation costs and foreign exchange rates. The publication of a new price list causes all previous prices and price lists to be superseded.
The prices indicated in the Online Shop are exclusively in reference to the product ordered. Any other services involving the Retail Customer and a dealer (e.g. consultation/advice; after-sales service; installation of the products/items ordered; motor vehicle inspection fees; or DTC test documentation) and the associated remuneration will be agreed directly between these parties and are as such rendered outside of this order and delivery process.
By placing an order the Retail Customer undertakes to pick up the merchandise ordered by him or her at the selected dealer within seventy-two hours and to effect payment in cash. Any deviating payment terms are to be agreed directly between the dealer and the Retail Customer.
Verified By Visa (3D-Secure) and SecureCode (SPA-UCAF)
Thanks to Verified By Visa (3D-Secure) and SecureCode (SPA-UCAF), purchasers will be able to identify themselves on electronic commerce sites, so removing the possibility of fraud and giving merchants the assurance that the transaction will not be repudiated. Verified by Visa and SecureCode are not a replacement for SSL payments but rather provide an element which hitherto has been lacking: purchaser identification. These protocols establish standards of communication enabling an Internet user to identify him/herself in real time immediately after entering the number of his/her bank card on a payment page. Two conditions have to be fulfilled for the system to function:
The e-commerce site must be equipped with a specific module certified by Visa or MasterCard. This module is included in PostFinance e-Commerce when the Fraud Detection option is activated and the enrollment process with the acquirer is completed. The purchaser must have received an identification system certified by Visa or MasterCard from his bank. When these two conditions are met, using the credit card without a secret code is no longer possible. To encourage the take-up of this system, Visa and MasterCard are giving merchants integrating the module a higher security level against fraud even when purchasers have not received the necessary equipment from their bank enabling them to identify themselves. The bank and/or the acquirer to which the merchant is affiliated, are responsible for the communication and handling of the conditions for Visa and MasterCard towards the merchant.
To detect the origin of the credit card, the "fraud prevention" option also includes an automatic detection of the country where the credit card has been issued, and the country of the IP address used by the client. This information is available online with the transaction status/parameters sent back during payment process or in the administration module on the transaction details page.
The minimum order value applicable to each domestic order placed in the Online Shop is CHF 50.00. This minimum order requirement does not apply to orders for samples or orders subject to other conditions agreed with Parts World for an individual order.
Delivery Times
Parts World is able to effect delivery for ordered items/products to the selected dealer as long as supplies last. The following generally applies: Items with a green stock status: these items are shipped on the same day up to 3:30 p.m., either ExpressorStandard A Mail as specifically requested by you. Items with an orange ?stock status: this indicates that stocks are low and that there might be a delay in delivery, although this occurs very seldom.Items with a red ? stock status: this means that the delivery times indicated are estimated delivery times.In the event of any delivery impediments, the Retail Customer, or the respective dealer, will be informed as quickly as possible.
All warranty claims of the Retail Customer based on defective products and other items ordered via the Online Shop are to be lodged with the dealer, the dealer being the Customer's direct contracting party. Parts World will render services to the dealer under warranty subject to the following conditions:
Complaints due to obvious defects are to be lodged in writing with the dealer within ten days of delivery or receipt of the ordered product. Notification of any latent defects is to be done in writing within six months upon delivery or receipt. For justified complaints that are lodged in a timely manner, Parts World will, at its discretion, provide a replacement free of charge or remedy/remove the defect. Parts World shall be granted a suitable period of time for this of at least four weeks. In the event that a defect cannot be remedied by way of repair or replacement delivery, the purchaser shall be entitled to demand a reduction in the purchase price or a rescission of the sales contract.
A reduced warranty applies to chrome parts and components, the warranty applying to the component itself but not the chrome plating/finish.
Any other claims extending beyond the aforementioned coverage are excluded as provided for by law. In no event shall Parts World be liable for any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damage whatsoever (including damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, non-realized earnings, or any other pecuniary loss).
The warranty coverage and performance specified herein shall apply in lieu of the warranty entitlement and associated claims for compensation provided for in the Swiss Code of Obligations [OR].
Products leave our company in perfect condition. Should you still not be satisfied with the quality of the products ordered, goods can be returned in their original packaging by post within 10 days. Return postage must be paid by the customer. Goods must be checked on receipt. Any complaints must be made in writing within 10 working days. Returns are not possible for:
  • Products not purchased from Parts-World
  • Products not in their original packaging
  • Products that Parts-World has ordered specially for a customer
  • Incomplete products
The amount invoiced is due for payment on the calendar day stated in the invoice. The default interest rate is 9 %. The contractor reserves the right to refuse an order until all outstanding claims have been settled. 15.00 CHF will be charged for the first reminder, CHF 20.00 for each additional reminder. Debt collection is handled by Creditreform Egeli Basel AG. The expenses incurred for this are subject to reimbursement and depend on the amount of the claim. The fees after an unsuccessful second reminder shall amount to CHF 60.00 up to an amount of the claim (AC) of 50, 100.00 up to AC 150, 125.00 up to AC 300; 190.00 up to AC 500, 260.00 up to AC 1 000, 350.00 up to AC 2 000, 530.00 up to AC 4 000, 900.00 up to AC 8 000, 1 330.00 up to AC 16 000, 2 000.00 up to AC 32 000, 2 600 up to AC 50 000, from AC 50 000 upwards they shall amount to 5.5% of the claim.
Parts World goes to every effort to effect shipment of ordered merchandise in as eco-sustainable a manner as possible. We dispense with plastic packaging insofar as this is possible and cushion your packages using biodegradable materials instead. In addition, we place our trust in the service of SwissPost and ship most items using the Dispobox parcel system.
Declaration of consent to credit and risk assessment
In order to decide whether delivery can be made on invoice, an address and creditworthiness check is carried out. Personal data relevant to the processing of the order and payment may be transmitted to Schweizerischer Verband Creditreform Gen and also to partner companies for this purpose. The Creditreform Data Protection Declaration (DPD) applies in this regard.
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