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Product no. EMuc492-039-7214
Muc-Off Anti - Fog
Anti - fog 35ml
Who doesn't know the problem of fogged lenses that rob you of your vision?Muc-Off's "Anti-Fog Treatment" spray can be used on all glasses, goggles and visors. It ensures that the lens or goggle does not fog up and you always have a clear view.- Intensive anti-fog formula- Extended moisture absorption- Effect up to 5 days- Safe on all plastics and lenses- Ideal for MTX and ski goggles, snowboard goggles, helmet visors , lenses & car mirrors/windows.Directions for use:Step 1 - Clean surface of dirt, dust and other contaminants.Step 2 - Shake bottle to activate formulaStep 3 - Spray a small amount of Anti-Fog Treatment on the surface and wipe gently with a dry, lint-free cloth.
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Snowboard goggles
Helmet visors
Spectacle lenses
Car mirrors - / glasses

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35 ml
Pump bottle

Question from 29.04.2020

Does it work on COVID-19?

The Parts World Crew answered:

Manufacturer's Note: To our knowledge no sanitiser brands, whether alcohol based or QUAT based will have undergone efficacy testing specifically against Covid-19. One of the reasons for this is due to the fact this is a newly developed virus, however it’s widely accepted that corona viruses, such as Covid-19 can be killed by correctly formulated QUAT based sanitisers such as Muc-Off Antibacterial equipment cleaner. Whilst our formula has not been tested against Covid-19, what we can say is that the Muc-Off Anti-Bacterial Equipment Cleaner contains approximately 50 times more QUAT than has been found necessary to kill enveloped viruses.

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