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Quad Lock MAG Case
iPhone 15
Quad Lock cases feature our secure locking mechanism that is compatible with all original twist and lock mounts, as well as a shock-resistant cover and protective lining. With a durable polycarbonate core and shock absorbing TPU outer shell, you can be sure your iPhone is protected every day. With its slim profile and soft material, it's perfect for everyday use. Quad Lock MAG cases are thinner and slimmer than original cases and have a customizable MAG ring. Quad Lock MAG cases are compatible with all Quad Lock MAG and Quad Lock Original holders. With Quad Lock MAG you can mount your phone even faster. Just position your phone and the magnets will do the rest. Quad Lock MAG is also compatible with MagSafe products. Quad Lock cases allow wireless charging. - Important - Quad Lock MAG is only available for selected iPhone models. Compatibility with third-party wireless chargers may vary by device and charger model.
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iPhone 15
Quad Lock MAG is compatible with MagSafe products.

Quad Lock Cases are compatible with wireless chargers.*

*Compatibility with third-party wireless chargers may vary by device and charging model.

Technical information
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Special Features
thinner and flatter, MagSafe and wireless charging supported
1x MAG Case + 1x MAG Ring black
Finish / Color

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No, the necessary tools are included in the packaging.

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