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Quad Lock Poncho
iPhone 15 Pro
Protect your iPhone from the elements with the Quad Lock Weatherproof Case. The Quad Lock Weatherproof Case is made of durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and protects your iPhone's screen and ports from mud, dust and rain. Just slip it on when you need it. You can keep the weatherproof case in your pocket without damaging it, because the TPU material is very durable. The crystal clear TPU makes it easy to view apps on the go and is fully functional with your iPhone's touchscreen and buttons. Please note that the use of a screen protector in combination with the weatherproof case may affect the usability of the touchscreen.
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iPhone 15 Pro

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Protects against rain, sweat, dust or mud.
1x Quad Lock Poncho for iPhone 15 Pro

Does the Weather Cover make my phone waterproof?  

The Weather Cover makes your phone weatherproof not waterproof. It will keep off rain, snow, sweat or mud but cannot protect it if your phone is submerged in water.

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