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Product no. K180200
Kellermann Indicator Bullet 1000 DF
Indicator/rear/brake light, black
Therefore the claim for the new product makes lots of sense: Classic meets high-tech. The result is an outstanding indicator with lots of additional functions. The Bullet 1000 has a classy appearance. Chrome in an outstanding design and a fine finish, the well known Kellermann quality. The classic bullet shape has been newly interpreted, with exactly the right size, not too big, not too small. You look at the Bullet 1000 once, and you will look again and again. This indicator is an eye catcher for sure, also in the black version. And you also enjoy touching this indicator, because you want to feel the amazing Kellermann quality with your hand. The Bullet 1000 is pure craftsmanship without any compromise. The light of the Bullet 1000 is a real visual statement: It flashes or shines strong and clear. The specialty of the Bullet 1000 is the ring around the indicator. For the rear and break lights at the back and the position lights in the front it makes all the difference. This light ring is yet to be seen on any motorcycle. Just one of the reasons why Kellermann is registering patents for the Bullet 1000. When you hit the break, the light circle of the break light shines strong and clear. There might be a little follow me effect because of the intriguing look of the Bullet, but when it comes to breaking the Bullet will give a message without any doubt: Keep your distance. f you just want the classic indicator for the front, no problem, the pure indicator of the Bullet 1000 family also is the icing on the cake of any motorcycle.
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12 Volt bord networks.

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Replaces indicator, break and rear light
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High quality metal housing
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